FARINGDON - FIRST FAIRTRADE TOWN IN THE SOUTH EAST - covering all the main points, but from a local perspective. This is a Bi-Fold  leaflet (PDF format) that needs to be printed out double-sided onto A4 paper. You therefore end up with a single A4 sheet of paper that is six-sided.. A really good general leaflet that can be used in Churches, Groups, Meetings, Clubs, Shops, Cafes, Hotels, Pubs, Schools, & Businesses - or just for handing out to colleagues and friends! Definitely one to print out in quantity. GET IT NOW!

Rectangular CAR STICKERS AND IRON-ON TRANSFERS : Make your own Faringdon Fairtrade Town iron-on transfers or Car Stickers!  Open the Word Document consisting of a single A4 sheet of five identical Faringdon Fairtrade Town images one on top of the other. Then simply print it out on your inkjet printer - FLIPPED HORIZONTALLY (usually under printer setup - advanced - more settings). PC World sells T-Shirt transfer paper for approx 50p per sheet (boxes of 15), and Window Sticker Paper for 1 per sheet (boxes of 5).  Each car sticker ends up costing approx 20p !  Give them to all your friends to stick in their cars, front windows, & shop windows!


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